Nexus 3
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Nexus 3

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The Nexus 3 is the ultimate all-round kite from Core! The brand-new material in the leading edge, struts, and canopy make the kite even stronger, faster, and lighter than the previous edition. Order the Nexus 3 easily and quickly at Soalsurf!

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From now on, you no longer have to worry about power, speed, lift, or drift, because the Nexus 3 from Core Kites has it all! The ultra-versatile Nexus 3 brings compromise-making to the past. The Nexus 3 has become the most versatile all-round kite from Core and one of the most beloved kites within the Core n More team.

Do you love different disciplines and are you looking for a kite that can do it all? Then the Nexus is the kite that will keep you on the water for most hours. Whether you want to practice freestyle tricks with your twintip on flat water, cruise back and forth, or break your height records, the ultimate stability of this kite will amaze you.

You can feel it almost instantly when you have a Nexus in your hands. Smooth in movement, easy to steer with one hand, and strong lift without being punished for a steering mistake. The Nexus 3 kite from Core Kiteboarding catches you every time. Are the wave conditions good or do you want to foil in light wind? Then you will be amazed by the ultimate drift that this Core kite brings with it. If you catch a wave, the kite will effortlessly drift with you until you have fully ridden your wave. Need power from your kite again? No problem, steer the kite and you’re back in full control!

The Nexus 3 kite from Core consists of a brand-new mix of materials: ExoTex 2 in the Leading Edge, ExoTex light in the struts, and CoreTex 2 in the canopy. What makes the Nexus 3 stronger but also lighter than its predecessor, the Nexus 2. The combination of these materials results in a kite that responds faster, stands more stable in the air, and has a greater wind range. Compared to your Nexus 2, you can be on the water earlier and longer.

To make the Nexus 3 an even better all-round kite, Core has come up with the CIT Trim System. With this system, you can easily adjust the bridle setting to your riding style. By default, the Nexus 3 bridle system is set to freeride settings, but you can also choose between wave and freestyle. This is indicated on the attachment points of the bridles on the Leading Edge. If you want to get the ultimate performance out of your all-round kite, you can play with these different settings. This way, you make the Nexus 3 a kite that suits you best.

In summary, the accessibility of the Nexus 3 is the most special thing about this kite. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or pro. Whether you want to twintip, waveride, or foil, with the Nexus 3 you can do it all! A kite that does not limit your sessions by the type of kites you fly.


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New! EXOTEX® 2 ULTRA RIGID DACRON: Improved durability and UV protection.
New! CORETEX® 2 TRIPLE RIPSTOP CANOPY: No stretch and tear-resistant.
EXOTEX® LIGHT STRUTS: Lighter, for better handling and lift.
3 STRUT LIGHTAME: Better handling.
FUTURE-C SHAPE: To steer quickly with a constant pull.
RADICAL REACTION TIPS: C-style wingtips for quick response.
SURF PROFILE: Better stability and drifting.
CIT MODES: Fully customizable trim system.
INSTANT RELAUNCH: Super fast relaunch.
SPEED PUMP SYSTEM: Faster inflate and deflate.
SENSOR BAR SYSTEM: For the ultimate control, use the Sensor bar from Core.
6 YEAR SPAREPARTS: Six years availability of spare parts.

The Nexus 3 kite from Core comes with a high-end backpack, manual, repair kit, and 3m line extensions for the light wind editions.

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10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 17, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9


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