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Discover the perfect Airush kites at our Airush Shop – Lithium, Union, Lift, and One models! From unparalleled performance to ultimate airborne fun, we offer the most popular Airush kites in one category. Explore our range and find your ideal Airush kite today! Read about the various Airush models at the bottom of the page.

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Showing all 8 results

Looking to buy your favorite Airush kitesurfing kite online? Look no further! We understand that making an informed purchase for your new Airush kite is important. On this page, we’ve compiled a concise overview of the various Airush kite models, each tailored to specific kitesurfing styles and skill levels, including the Airush Lithium, Lift, and One, among others. For any inquiries or advice regarding Airush kites, feel free to reach out to us via email, WhatsApp, phone, or visit our kitesurf shop in Katwijk. Use the menu below for quick navigation:

Airush Kiteboarding Destination Shop

Soal Surf proudly offers Airush kites, a brand deeply rooted in the history of kitesurfing. Airush kites are renowned for their quality and reliability, backed by years of experience in the sport. We personally test Airush kites and possess the expertise to help you select the perfect Airush kite that matches your kitesurfing style and skill level. With Airush’s extensive range of kites, there’s always a kite that suits you best. For personalized advice on your Airush kite, you can contact us via email, WhatsApp, phone, or visit our kitesurf shop in soal surf.

Airush Kiteboarding Kite Collection

Airush offers a wide range of kitesurfing kites, catering to every kitesurfer and riding style. Beginners will find the Airush Lithium perfect for cruising and freeriding, thanks to its stability and predictability. As you progress, consider the dynamic Airush Union for unhooked tricks and exciting kiteloops, or the Airush Wave for a thrilling wave-riding experience. For those craving adrenaline, the Airush Razor delivers top-tier freestyle performance. Hydrofoil enthusiasts will appreciate the Airush Ultra’s one-strut design for lightwind sessions. Explore our selection of Airush kites categorized by riding style and skill level.

Airush Lithium Kite

The Airush Lithium is suitable for both novice and advanced kitesurfers. It offers a versatile and stable platform for cruising, soaring, and freeriding. Its bow/sle design ensures easy relaunching, making it ideal for practice. With a 3-strut profile, the Lithium is lightweight yet durable, thanks to the LoadFrame with WebTech technology. Fly the Airush Lithium on 4 lines with a low powerline split.

Airush Union Kite

The Airush Union is perfect for transitioning from a beginner to an intermediate kitesurfer. This all-around performance kite excels in unhooked tricks and impressive kiteloops due to its open C-profile, offering C-kite characteristics with a friendlier demeanor. The Union’s direct steering and bridle system enable efficient depowering and a broad wind range. Fly the Airush Union on four lines with a low powerline split.

Airush Ultra Kite

Creating a one-strut kite is a challenge, but Airush has mastered it with the Airush Ultra. Unmatched in flying and low-end capabilities, it’s the ultimate choice for hydrofoiling in light wind conditions. The Ultra’s WebTech profile and durability allow it to handle stronger winds for enjoyable freeriding. Fly the Airush Union on four lines with a low powerline split.

Airush Session Kite

Wave riders need a kite that complements their style, and the Airush Session delivers precisely that. Its direct feel, quick responsiveness, and perfect drift properties make it ideal for surfing waves without kite interference. The Airush Session’s lightweight design, featuring a three-strut configuration and minimal Dacron, ensures easy handling. Fly the Airush Session on four lines with a low powerline split.

Airush Razor Kite

If freestyle is your passion, the Airush Razor is your kite of choice! It’s a raw freestyle C-kite designed for high-performance kite loops and tricks. World champions Alex Pastor and Bruna Kajiya achieved their titles with the Airush Razor. Its five-strut profile and WebTech provide durability for learning new kitesurf tricks. The Razor requires some skill for relaunching, but it offers exceptional pop and slack. Fly the Airush Razor on five lines with an active fifth line for optimal performance.

Airush Lift Kite

The Airush Lift is designed for freeride and big air enthusiasts. It’s perfect for kitesurfers aiming to set new height records and offers explosive power and stability in extreme conditions. With its user-friendly interface and exceptional top-end performance, the Lift is the ultimate big air machine from Airush. It’s thoroughly tested by Gijs Wassenaar and Oswald Smith to ensure an exceptional big air experience. The Airush Lift also allows for relaxed cruising and skill improvement. Fly the Airush Lift on four lines with a low powerline split.

Airush One Kite

The Airush One is a user-friendly kite with a ‘plug and play’ character, making it ideal for beginners seeking a durable kite with a broad wind range. Its one-strut design and substantial depower range allow you to handle gusty winds comfortably and extend your riding time. The Airush One also boasts an easy relaunch thanks to its swept-back tips and central strut. Fly the Airush One on four lines with a low powerline split.

Airush Kiteboarding Kite Technology

Developing a kite takes meticulous attention to detail, and Airush’s designers continuously innovate to enhance the performance and quality of Airush kites. Airush’s commitment to innovation is evident in their unique technologies, including:

Airush LoadFrame with WebTech Kite Technology

At Airush, every detail matters. The kite’s fabric and seams are its most vulnerable parts, which is why Airush has developed the exclusive Load Frame for Airush kites. The Load Frame distributes the force evenly across the kite, acting like a web of lightweight yet incredibly strong yarns woven into the fabric. Each yarn can withstand up to 40kg of force. It creates a spiderweb-like structure within the kite, further reinforced by WebTech technology. Airush WebTech is employed at key stress points, such as bridle and control line attachments. This innovative use of LoadFrame and WebTech reduces the reliance on heavy materials like Dacron, resulting in kites that are both lightweight and exceptionally robust.

Airush Kitesurfing Kite Fabric

Airush uses premium Technoforce D2 fabric, developed in collaboration with Teijin, a leader in water sports industry textiles. This high-density fabric features polyester yarns with a double coating for double ripstop quality. It’s also UV-resistant to maintain color vibrancy over time. Combined with Airush’s LoadFrame and WebTech, Technoforce D2 fabric offers the perfect blend of durability and performance.

Airush XL Inflate

All Airush kites come equipped with XL inflation valves for rapid inflation, getting you on the water faster.

For any inquiries or personalized advice on Airush kites, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email, WhatsApp, phone, or visit our kitesurf shop in Workum. We’re here to ensure you have the best kitesurfing experience with Airush kites.”

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