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Why Soalsurf?

We believe in easy access to all your gear you need within almost all brands inhouse we are one of the biggest shops in Europe . With a clever offering, superb support and a secure checkout you’re in good hands.

AirushCabrinhaConnellyEleveightEnsisFlysurferF-oneFollowGlobeGoodboardsHyperliteHurley, JPManeraMelonMysticLieuweNaishNeilprydeNorthNixonObreinOzoneOakleyPLKBProlimitPukasReedinRonixSeverneShinnSurflogicStarboardSTXUnifiberVansVissla & Wave Rebel. wwdns, Core, Duotone, Slingshot, Ten, Haarlem, Bull 

Airush kiteboarding

Our most popular products

Soal Surf Shop

Discover our surf shop at the picturesque Workum beach, on the IJsselmeer. We’ve got it all – kitesurfing, windsurfing, wingsurfing, wingfoiling, SUP, wakeboarding, and skateboarding. Find the latest gear from 25+ top brands, perfect for beginners to pros. Need a new wetsuit, kitesurf set, windsurf sail, or wingfoil set? Check our range online or visit for expert advice from our passionate team!

Kite & Surf Rental Workum

Learn kitesurfing, windsurfing, wing surfing, wing foiling & SUP at the best surf school in Northern Netherlands. Book online and start your surfing journey in Workum. Our experienced instructors ensure safe, fun, and successful lessons on the beautiful IJsselmeer beach – an ideal spot for beginners. Join us now and ride the waves with confidence!

Our new Surf Shop

Discover cool surf outfits & more from top brands like Vans, Mystic, Pukas, Globe, Vissla, Hurley & more. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or a fan of the surf lifestyle, we have everything you need to elevate your look and embrace the beach vibes. Our friendly team is here to help you find the perfect ensemble that captures your unique style and passion for the waves. Step in today and discover the perfect blend of style and surf!

Surf & Kite School Workum

Discover top-quality gear for kitesurfing, windsurfing, wingsurfing, wing foiling, and SUP. From kites to boards, wetsuits to sails, we have it all for every skill level. Flexible rentals available – 15-hour passes or annual options. Explore Workum and beyond with our premium equipment. Unleash the thrill at Soal Surf Rental Center!


Soal Surf carries a wide range of brands including Airush, Cabrinha, Connelly, Eleveight, Ensis, Flysurfer, Fone, Follow, Globe, Goodboards, Hyperlite, Hurley, JP, Manera, Melon, Mystic, Lieuwe, Naish, Neilpryde, North, Nixon, Obrein, Ozone, Oakley, PLKB, Prolimit, Pukas, Reedin, Ronix, Severne, Shinn, Surflogic, Starboard, STX, Unifiber, Vans, Vissla, Wave Rebel, WWDNS, Core, Duotone, and Slingshot.

Soal Surf offers a wide variety of products for all your surfing needs. This includes kites, kiteboards, wings, wing boards, SUPs, windsurf boards, body boards, surfboards, wakeboards, wetsuits, harnesses, and various accessories. They also offer used equipment for those looking for a more affordable option.

Soal Surf is located in the middle of the beautiful beach of Workum, on the Ijsselmeer in the northern Netherlands. They also have a new lifestyle and fashion surf shop in the picturesque center of the eleven cities city of Workum.

Yes, Soal Surf offers lessons in kitesurfing, windsurfing, wing surfing, wing foiling, and SUPping. Their passionate and experienced instructors teach you to surf safely and responsibly, with guaranteed fun and success.

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We take pride in delivering our products to customers all around the world

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