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IConvertible 2023
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IConvertible 2023


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Discover the STX Convertible Board, a versatile water sports solution for windsurfing, wind foiling, wing surf, wing foil, and SUP/foil SUP. Learn about its features and specifications that make it a must-have for enthusiasts.


Are you a water sports enthusiast looking for the ultimate all-in-one board? Look no further than the STX Convertible Board. This multifunctional board is designed to cater to various water sports, including windsurfing, wind foiling, wing surf, wing foil, and SUP/foil SUP. This article will explore the features and specifications of the STX Convertible Board that make it the perfect choice for your next water sports adventure.

STX Convertible Board Specifications:

Article Number: 406.25060.000 Series: Ifoil Color: Blue/Orange Material: FXL Technology PVC Length: 7’8″ Width: 32″ Volume: 170L Weight: 9.2KG

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Versatility:

The STX Convertible Board boasts an impressive range of versatility. Whether you are into windsurfing, wind foiling, wing surf, wing foil, or SUP/foil SUP, this board has got you covered. Its design allows you to transition between these activities with ease, making it the perfect companion for water sports enthusiasts who love to try it all.

  1. FXL Technology PVC Material:

The board is made from FXL Technology PVC, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. This high-quality material provides excellent stiffness and responsiveness, giving you a smooth and enjoyable ride on the water.

  1. Optimal Dimensions and Volume:

With a length of 7’8″ and a width of 32″, the STX Convertible Board offers a comfortable platform for various water sports. The 170L volume provides excellent buoyancy and stability, making it suitable for beginners and experienced users alike.

  1. Lightweight Design:

Weighing in at just 9.2KG, this board is easy to carry and maneuver both in and out of the water. Its lightweight design ensures that you can effortlessly transport the board to and from your favorite water sports locations.

  1. Eye-Catching Design:

The board features a striking blue and orange color scheme that not only looks great but also enhances visibility while out on the water. Stand out from the crowd and make a statement with the STX Convertible Board.


The STX Convertible Board offers water sports enthusiasts the ultimate all-in-one solution for their favorite activities. With its versatile design, FXL Technology PVC material, optimal dimensions, lightweight construction, and eye-catching design, this board is an excellent investment for anyone looking to enjoy windsurfing, wind foiling, wing surf, wing foil, and SUP/foil SUP. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the thrill of water sports with the STX Convertible Board – order yours today!

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7'11"/185L, 7'8"/170L


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