Dreamstick X v2 – I019


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Condition: C

Brand: Reedin

Type: Dreamstick X v2

Length: 43 – 49 cm

Lines: 22 + 2m

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Introducing the Reedin Dreamstick X, the pinnacle of kiteboarding control and performance. Crafted with precision and engineered for the avid rider, this bar sets new standards in versatility and responsiveness. The Dreamstick X boasts cutting-edge technology, allowing you to command your kite with finesse and power. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your kiteboarding journey, the Dreamstick X offers an unparalleled connection between rider and kite, elevating your sessions to new heights. Dominate the wind and experience the thrill of superior performance with the Reedin Dreamstick X.


A New

B Like new

C Used (but in good condition)

D Used (visible signs of use)

E Well-used (but inspected)

All second-hand kites, kite bars, and second-hand kiteboards we offer undergo the following checks.

Second-hand kite check:

  • The fabric of the kite is inspected for holes and quality.
  • The kite is inflated and left for 24 hours to ensure it is not leaking.
  • Valves are checked.
  • One-pump hoses are inspected.
  • All stitching on the second-hand kite is checked.
  • Pigtails, bridles, and pulleys are checked for possible wear.

Second-hand kiteboard check:

  • Inspection for damage on the top and bottom.
  • The rails are inspected for damage or delamination.
  • Fins are checked for damage.
  • Threads are checked.

Second-hand kite bar check:

  • Safety system check.
  • Swivel and depower system check.
  • Lines are checked for knots, damage, or wear.
  • Line length or stretching of the lines is checked.

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43 – 49cm


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