CS Vary Bar V4 PLUS


CS Vary Bar V4 PLUS


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CS Vary Bar V4 PLUS

Offering optimum safety along with our highest performance features, the new CS vary bar v4 plus has been fine-tuned for the most precise control of all Eleveight pilots.

With over 2 years of development, our completely redesigned Quick Matic system features a new style donkey stick and chicken loop for intuitive safety and control.

The red line that rotates under the Quick Release will also unscrew the red line for tangle-free use.
The introduction of a new covered single depower line has also reduced friction to minimize wear.
The depower line now has a strong double-layer inner core made from split 100% Spectra, and the red safety line is more tightly braided to further improve durability.

New reinforced pigtails also provide a stronger, more durable connection and for improved performance we went with low V and the highest quality thermo-coated lines from Germany.
They reduce stretch and provide excellent responsiveness and direct control.

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Key Features:

  • TPU coated depower line
  • New Quick Matic safety system
  • Thermo coated lines made in Germany

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